Learn how to start and grow your specialty  food or beverage business!!


We provide the knowledge you need, when you need it!

You have a food product; a killer recipe, a dietary supplement formula, a healthy smoothie or just a great product idea and now you want to share it with others!!!


You have been selling to friends, at Farmer’s Markets, Festivals and maybe even in some local stores but now know that you want to go



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You have been selling Locally and maybe in several stores; you’re selling on Amazon and now you’re ready to be a serious regional player


You Want to




Kitchen-2-Shelf is here to help!  We’re ready to fast track your road to success and help you avoid costly mistakes.  You can learn from the Pros and others, like yourself, who’ve been there – and get invaluable counsel all along the way!

Kitchen-2-Shelf™ is an Educational Resource for budding Food, Beverage, Supplement and Small Consumer Packaged Goods Entrepreneurs.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ”

Benjamin Franklin

what our cLIENTs say

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If you are sitting at the precipice of growing your food product business this class is for you!  Steve and Deb, with their extensive experience working in food-related education and in the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry, offer a thorough course for the food entrepreneur to take their product to the retail level. 

The Retail Ready course is a multi-week class that walks through every component needed to take our business through the next phase.  I can confidently face the opportunities ahead with an improved sense of priorities, as well as the tools and the resources to guide the way!


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