The Consumer Packaged Goods business (CPG) is a huge, exciting, complicated and ever-changing industry.

In the past few years, the industry has gone from JIT – Just In Time warehouse delivery at Walmart to One-Day Shipping to consumers at Amazon.
We’ve seen seismic changes in organic, non-GMO, Gluten-free and 'clean label' foods.

So if you want to be part of this slightly crazy world, the smartest thing you can do is to enlist some experienced to help you learn the ins and outs – the ups and downs of this business.

We started Kitchen-2-Shelf because we wanted to be able to help more people start & grow their businesses. We designed what we believe is the most efficient and economical approach to this – all with you – and your vision in mind!




Are you to move out fo the frying pan and into the fire?


You have a food product; a killer recipe, a healthy smoothie or just a great product idea and now you want to share it with others.  Perhaps you are even selling to a few friends or at a small farmers market but know you still have a lot to still learn. 

In this course, we will help you move from idea to having a product that is ready to sell.

You will learn:

  • Testing your product and idea

  • Production 

  • Packaging 

  • The money, costs and pricing 

  • Labeling

  • Marketing 

  • Selling your product 

  • How to get it all done 


You have been selling at The Farmer’s Markets, Festivals and are even in some local stores but now you want to go retail.

With this course, you'll learn what you need to know to make that jump into retail.

You will learn:

  • Who's your customer?

  • What's important to retailers

  • How to approach buyers

  • Creating marketing materials

  • Market research

  • What it costs to sell at retail

  • Understanding different methods of distribution

  • Pricing


Expand in your regional market and scale your products to the national distribution

You will learn:

  • What you need to know about scaling

  • How to maximize working with distributors and brokers

  • Understanding Trade Spend

  • Forecasting growth

  • Financing growth

  • Production considerations

  • Winning on the Shelf

  • Working with buyers



1 – Hour of direct consolation 

Access via email & phone

Referrals and resources

Covers: packaging, sales, pricing, production

Review of materials, with suggested edits and updates

Additional hours may be available to purchase at discounted rate 

Package available for those in the concept stage, selling at farmers markets or other direct distribution.   

Minimum 3 month Commitment 


Growing your business through expanded distribution and line development 

3 – Hours of direct consultation 

Access via email & phone

Referrals and Resources 

Coaching & Consulting on maximizing relationships with distributors and brokers 

Sales communication, production, co packers, working with major retailers

For those starting to approach or work with distributors, brokers and expanding to other markets 

Minimum 3 month Commitment 


Scaling your business from regional to national - New market development and marketing 

Up to 10 hours of direct consultation

Access via email & phone

Referrals and Resources 

Advise on promotional plan, sales calls, distribution plans 

Additional hours may be available to purchase at discounted rate 

Time may include meeting with and  helping negotiate with brokers, distributers and buyers

Minimum 1 year Commitment 

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