• G. Steven Cleere

Due Diligence

“Well, what can that mean?”, I hear you ask… “I’m building a business, not buying one..” OK, fair call, but regardless, as you move forward, you need to keep aware. This was emphasized by Jim Lassiter of REJIMUS - Powering Innovative Compliance. regulatory advisors when he explained that entrepreneurs need to do constant research to stay abreast of changes within the CPG industry!

Welcome to Words 2 Grow By – where we take a look back at advice and counsel from interviews of leading CPG Founders and industry professionals who’ve appeared on the NexxtLevel Brands Podcast.

Just as if you were ‘buying’ a business, you need to look at your numbers and models –again and again. Subscribe to news aggregators, e-magazines and, yes ‘podcasts’ to continue to learn about your part of this amazing industry. Investigate – that’s an active verb – and despite the fact that you’ve got a lot of other fires, you need to stay aware – Thanks, Jim!

You can catch the full interview here:

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