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Words To Grow By - The Best of 2019 - from the NexxtLevel Brands Podcast

Welcome to the first NexxtLevel Brands Podcast of 2020 – and while it’s not technically a new decade, it really feels like it is and we’re going to act like it is, as well!

This week, I’ve gone back through each of our shows – and if you are a loyal listener, you know that toward the end of each episode, I will ask my guests for One Word or One Topic or Phrase that they would give fellow-entrepreneurs to remember.

Frankly, I was amazed at the depth and breadth of this advice,  so I decided to compile them – and present: Words to Grow By - ‘Best of 2019’.

Besides this show, we will also be sharing these on LinkedIn and posting them on the NexxtLevel Brands and Kitchen-2-Shelf Websites. A really cool 'Word Map' is also available to download and print for your office wall - and keep you inspired all through 2020!


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